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Frequently Asked Questions

Maternity Sessions

When should I have my maternity session done?

Maternity sessions can be done any time in the third trimester. My favourite time is the 32-35 week mark, where you have a beautiful bump but still feel comfortable enough to move freely.


Where do sessions take place?

I love outdoor maternity session. These can take place anywhere from a natural bush setting, to the river or beach. I photograph during golden hour, the last hour or two before sunset. This gives us the most beautiful, soft light and allows for dreamy images.


What do I wear for my maternity session?

My advice is to wear something that makes you feel beautiful and shows off your bump. This could be a simple maternity dress or a more elaborate gown. Lace and textures always photograph well. Chose what you love, then coordinate your partner or family accordingly.

Alice at Mama Rentals has some beautiful gowns for those Instagram-worthy shots, and offers my clients a special offer, so it’s worth checking out her website if you don’t already have something in mind.


Can my partner/children be included in my maternity session?

Absolutely! See above comment about styling their outfits around yours though – you’re the star of this show.

Newborn Sessions

When is the best time to have my newborn photos done?

Whenever you’re ready. As my sessions run more as a lifestyle session, we have more flexibility around when these need to be done, as it’s not as imperative to have baby in a deep sleep for posing techniques. Having said that, I love capturing babies at their tiniest. They grow so quickly, you soon forget just how little they were when they were first born. I recommend the first 1-3 weeks if you’re looking for those pictures of your tiny, sleepy bub.


Where are newborn sessions done?

These are done in your home. No trying to get out of the house on time. No travelling. Just a beautiful record of your first days as new parents, in the house that you brought your baby home to.


What do I need to know for a newborn session?

Sleepy, content babies are our aim. For this reason, newborn sessions are usually scheduled for mid-morning, where little ones are often at their happiest. Before your session, try to have baby awake for 1.5-2 hours and ready for a big feed just as our session begins. A warm house usually helps to keep them sleepy. If there are any little toys, outfits or blankets that have special meaning and you’d like included in your session, have them handy. A idea of a backup outfit is always good too...for both baby and parents! The sessions usually run from 1.5-3hrs, depending on how happy baby is. This allows plenty of time for feeds, nappy changes and resettling, as the need arises.


How do I prepare my house for my newborn session?

No crazy preparations necessary. We’ll use the rooms in the house that have the best light or are the brightest. This will often be a living room, master bedroom or the nursery, if you’ve set one up. I don’t expect your whole house to be spotless by any means, but a quick declutter really makes a difference, so that all the focus can be on your new little creation and family. I won’t open the door to the junk room, I promise!

Family Sessions

Where do family sessions take place?

Options are endless. I love outdoor family sessions, so the beach or a nice bushland setting are a few of my faves. But really, it can be anywhere that you feel would tell your story best as a family – that might be exploring Fremantle, playing at the beach, amongst the laneways and street art in the city, navigating the bush or a favourite park.


Why are your sessions so late in the day?

The most flattering light for photos is in the first and last hour or two of the day. I find most people are not so keen on getting the whole family ready for a 5am start (I’m game if you are!), so most of my sessions take place late in the day, so we can capture this beautiful light before sunset. Sunset varies greatly throughout the year, so if you have little ones who need to be in bed early, April-June is a great time to think about scheduling your family session.


What do we wear?

Your photos will look the best if you’re all somewhat co-ordinated, so it’s best not to leave it to the last minute. Outfits don’t have to be matchy-matchy, but complementing colours can really elevate your photos. Pinterest have some great pages on complementing colours. Layers and textures, such a as lace, photograph well. Dressing for the season is always recommended. Try to avoid large logos or branding, that may date your photos prematurely. And for kids, a spare set of clothes in the car is always a good idea! I’m more than happy to help with outfit selection if you get stuck.

What if my kids don’t co-operate?

Then you’ll be just like every other family I have ever photographed! Don’t let this stress you and definitely don’t let this be the reason you never have any family photos done. My sessions are relaxed - once the formal portraits are done (you know, the smile at the camera ones that Grandma likes on her wall!), we’ll be aiming for more of you guys just enjoying yourselves as a family. Candid photos are my favourites. We give ourselves time to play and for the kids to take turns having a break. I’m not above bribery, if you’re not. And if your 2 year old decides to chuck his/her best wobbly during our session, just think of the 21st material you’ll have.


What is the weather is terrible or we’re sick?

No problem. For bad weather or illness, we reschedule for a mutually convenient time.


Can my extended family have a few photos with us too?

I’m happy to have a few extras tag along. Just a few things to consider though. Firstly, my sessions cater for a maximum of 6 people. Extra people incur a cost of $40 each. Secondly, my aim in photographing your family is to capture your connection -  sometimes additional extras can change that dynamic.   

Can you photoshop me to look amazing?

I hope you’ll look at your images and realise that you already look amazing. My style is about capturing you just as you are. Of course, if you wake up with a huge pimple on the day of your session, or your three year old has a massive bruise on his head from the table he ran into yesterday, then yes, I can make those disappear. Any extensive re-touching beyond the standards you see on my website will incur an hourly fee.


When will my images be ready?

I aim to give you a sneak peek on my social media pages within the first 48 hours. After that, your gallery will be ready for viewing within 3 weeks. Once you’ve selected your images (if applicable), images will be ready for mailing our on USB or via download within one week. Any products, such as albums or canvases, will be ready 4-6 weeks from image selection.

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